• A personal Google, just for you

      When Google was founded, there were about 300 million people using the Internet. The vast majority of them were sitting at desktop computers and looking for answers that came in the form of blue links. Today, the Internet community is closer to 3 billion people, and you’re searching for all kinds of help everywhere — from your cars and your classrooms, to your homes, to the p ...

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    • Found in translation: More accurate, fluent sentences in Google Translate

      In 10 years, Google Translate has gone from supporting just a few languages to 103, connecting strangers, reaching across language barriers and even helping people find love. At the start, we pioneered large-scale statistical machine translation, which uses statistical models to translate text. Today, we’re introducing the next step in making Google Translate even better: Neu ...

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    • Google Cloud at RSNA: engaging with the medical imaging community

      Medical imaging is a critical pillar of modern healthcare: It's estimated that more than 300 million advanced imaging procedures are performed a year, and the majority of medical interventions require some type of imaging for diagnostic purposes. Next to genomics, medical images are one of the fastest growing data sources in the healthcare space.

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  • The High Five: cheer(s)ing for red wine and women’s hockey

    When a recent study revealed that red wine can be good for oral hygiene, the searches for “red wine health benefits” poured in (it was searched 400 percent more than “white wine health benefits”). And while we’re at it, is red wine good for other things? Two of the top health-related searches for red wine were “How many carbs in red wine?” and “Which red wine makes you lose w ...

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  • Announcing ARCore 1.0 and new updates to Google Lens

    With ARCore and Google Lens, we’re working to make smartphone cameras smarter. ARCore enables developers to build apps that can understand your environment and place objects and information in it. Google Lens uses your camera to help make sense of what you see, whether that’s automatically creating contact information from a business card before you lose it, or soon being abl ...

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  • The Google Assistant is going global

    Over the past year and a half, the Google Assistant has grown from being available on just one device in one language to across many types of devices, including speakers, phones, Android Auto and TVs, in many languages all around the world. We’ve been focused on making the Assistant useful throughout all parts of your day, and earlier this year we showed the latest features w ...

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  • Freedom of data movement in the cloud era

    In January, we joined an amicus brief with other technology companies in a case pending before the Supreme Court involving Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Justice. The companies that joined the brief argue that Congress must act to resolve the complicated policy questions raised by the case, as Congress is best-suited to weigh the important interests of law enforcement, ...

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  • Making an Impact in Pittsburgh

    When we announced the Grow with Google initiative last October at our Pittsburgh office, we gave the city’s nonprofit organizations a challenge: come up with a bold idea to create lasting economic impact in your community, and Google.org will provide a grant to make that idea a reality. Since then, more than 90 nonprofit organizations submitted proposals to spur economic opp ...

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  • Google Pixel earns Android enterprise seal of approval

    With Pixel 2, we set out to make a mobile experience that is smart, simple, and secure, with a great camera, the Google Assistant to help you get more done, long battery life, and much more. We’ve seen a great response from consumers, and we’ve also gotten fantastic reviews from businesses, employees, and industry analysts for the security and productivity features built into Pixel 2.

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  • Google.org and StoryWeaver feed a hunger for reading

    Today is International Mother Language Day which celebrates languages from around the world. More than 40% of the world’s children don’t have access to education materials in a language they understand. So to help close those gaps, we’re continuing our support of nonprofit organizations like Pratham Books. Since 2013, Google.

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  • Say hello to a better way to pay, by Google

    Fast, simple checkout. Easy access to rewards and offers. One spot for purchases, passes, and payment methods. All of these are ways we’ve been working to make paying safer and easier for everyone, everywhere. And you can make the most of these features with the new Google Pay app for Android. The app, which begins rolling out today, is just one part of everything we’ve got planned.

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  • New and expanding locations across America

    Our goal is to ensure that information serves everyone, not just a few. To do this, we want to hire people to develop our products in the widest possible range of locations, around the world and throughout the United States. We opened our first office outside California in 2000. Now Google has offices and data centers in 21 states in the U.

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  • Go behind the scenes of “Isle of Dogs” with Pixel

    "Isle of Dogs" tells the story of Atari Kobayashi, 12-year-old ward to corrupt Mayor Kobayashi. When, by Executive Decree, all the canine pets of Megasaki City are exiled to a vast garbage-dump, Atari sets off alone in a miniature Junior-Turbo Prop and flies to Trash Island in search of his bodyguard-dog, Spots.

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