• Best Practices: Creating Art Assets for VR

    Editor's Note: This is a design-focused post for anyone interested in creating art assets for virtual reality. As a VR and AR artist, I’ve noticed two trends. First, new tools and practices that can make us better artists are appearing all the time. But also, techniques and skills from the late 90’s and early 00’s are making a comeback, and they apply to virtual reality beca ...

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  • Project Fi welcomes Android One, with the moto x4

    With Project Fi, we set out to make your wireless experience fast, easy and fair—with access to three national 4G LTE networks, and international roaming at no extra cost. But many of you have asked us for more options for high quality, affordable devices that work with Project Fi. We've heard you and we're excited to launch our newest phone for Project Fi: the Android One moto x4.

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  • Addressing the UK NCSC’s Cloud Security Principles

    As your organization adopts more cloud services, it's essential to get a clear picture of how sensitive data will be protected. Many authorities, from government regulators, to industry standards bodies and consortia, have provided guidance on how to evaluate cloud security. Notably, the UK National Cyber Security Centre offers a framework built around 14 Cloud Security Princ ...

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  • Supporting new ideas in the fight against hate

    Addressing the threat posed by violence and hate is a critical challenge for us all. Google has taken steps to tackle violent extremist content online—putting our best talent and technology to the task, and partnering with law enforcement agencies, civil society groups, and the wider technology industry. We can’t do it alone, but we’re making progress.

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  • 2 New White Papers Examine Enterprise Web Browser Security

    Online security has never been more critical to businesses, and the tools used to access the web are a major factor to evaluate. Choosing an enterprise-grade web browser that offers the right security features and keeps businesses’ data protected while enabling employees to take advantage of the open web.

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  • How publishers can take advantage of machine learning

    As the publishing world continues to face new challenges amidst the shift to digital, news media and publishers are tasked with unlocking new opportunities. With online news consumption continuing to grow, it’s crucial that publishers take advantage of new technologies to sustain and grow their business.

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  • View the world through someone else's lens in Google Earth

    Every day, hundreds of millions of people are snapping photos of the world around them. What if you could explore the world through the eyes of all those people? Starting today you're invited to explore a global map of crowdsourced photos in Google Earth. Take a walk around Shinto shrines or hang out on a beach in Bora Bora—wherever you look, you're bound to find a unique per ...

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  • Search and discover with the Google app for iOS

    Not all journeys have a destination. Whether browsing the web or looking for answers, the latest update to the Google app on iOS helps you keep exploring. Starting today, while you’re reading a webpage on the Google app for iOS, you’ll see suggestions for related content when you pull up the bottom of the page—no need to type anything into the search box to learn more.

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  • At New Zealand schools, Chromebooks top the list of learning tools

    New Zealand educators are changing their approach to teaching, building personalized learning pathways for every student. Technology plays a key part in this approach. New Zealand has joined the list of countries including Sweden the United States where Chromebooks are the number one device used in schools, according to analysts at International Data Corporation (IDC).

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  • Supporting local journalism with Report for America

    I cut my teeth in journalism as a local reporter for my hometown paper, the Northfield News, and saw firsthand how local journalism impacts a community. Local reporters go to city council meetings to hold city governments accountable. They’re the first to show up when disaster strikes, getting critical information to their readers.

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  • Startup with Google, a resource to help young companies succeed

    Since 2011, Google has partnered with over 50 community organizations to help startup communities around the world flourish. Startups within those communities and spaces we run have created more than 40,000 jobs and raised more than $3.9 billion in funding. Today we’re introducing a new resource to help young companies continue to make their big ideas a reality—Startup with Google.

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